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Real Time Coaching™ combines this easy to understand theory of how the human mind works with practical learning for managers to coach employees for optimum productivity.

  1. EXCEL GROUP’s Real Time Coaching™ is based on solid, jargon-free theory of human behaviour. Real Time Coaching™ combines this easy to understand theory of how the human mind works, with a practical approach to coaching employees for optimum productivity.

  2. Real Time Coaching™ equips managers with a unique understanding of each of their people. Cookie cutter coaching programs fail to incorporate the different personalities and how to coach them effectively. Real Time Coaching™ integrates two validated and tested assessment profiles. Real Time Coaching™ provides you with two valuable profiles that will immerse you in understanding peoples’ behavior and the interests, attitudes and values that motivate those behaviors. These validated profiles (more than 5 million have been conducted worldwide) are developed from brief online surveys that take just a few minutes to complete, but the amount of information gleaned from them will surprise you.

  3. Real Time Coaching™ is a video-assisted program that doesn’t stop with theory. Everything participants learn in Real Time Coaching™ is demonstrated in dialogues between coaches and employees throughout the coaching manual and in unique video segments that actually show coaching situations in action.

  4. Each participant receives a comprehensive reference manual. The participant’s manual further helps tie Real Time Coaching™ theory to actual practice through easy-to-understand graphic icons throughout the book. These icons and the "coach’s thoughts" boxes let you eves drop on the Real Time Coaching™ process and gain an even greater understanding for how it’s done.

  5. Real Time Coaching™ is presented by skilled facilitators. The entire Real Time Coaching™ model is presented through workshops led by a Real Time Coaching™ certified affiliate or a skilled in-company certified instructor who is trained in Real Time Coaching™ theory and application.


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