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EXCEL GROUP Development Services Inc. (EGDS) is a North American based boutique professional services firm, with affiliate offices serving clients throughout the United States, Canada and the Caribbean. Excel Group works with organizations in various industries, using integrated performance solutions to align human capital performance with strategic business plans. Excel Group maintains the philosophy that "organizations don't achieve the results - people do." Accordingly, Excel Group offers a series of leadership diagnostics, along with solutions in the areas of coach-management development, team effectiveness, hiring the right talent, behavioral assessments, 360 Management Feedback and Online Organizational Feedback.  

Key Development Training Solution Areas

redball.gif (682 bytes) Coaching Skills for Managers redball.gif (682 bytes) Team Effectiveness
redball.gif (682 bytes) 360 Management Feedback  redball.gif (682 bytes) Leadership Development
redball.gif (682 bytes) Hiring Winners redball.gif (682 bytes) Sales Skill Enhancement
redball.gif (682 bytes) Sales Management Training redball.gif (682 bytes) Conference Keynotes
redball.gif (682 bytes) Position Competency Analysis redball.gif (682 bytes) Personal Effectiveness
redball.gif (682 bytes)  Assessments and
Behavioral Profiles
redball.gif (682 bytes) Management through Change
redball.gif (682 bytes) DISC Teleclasses

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