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Management Development Training

Management Development Training
Management Development Training

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What does a "wrong fit" employee or "turnover" cost your organization in terms of actual costs and productivity loss?

Management Development Training The Excel Talent Intelligence Job Report is a powerful position benchmarking system designed 
to help organizations hire more effectively, develop their existing management and create a performance driven culture.
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What does team conflict or "mismanaged employees" cost your organization in terms of loss or decline of  productivity/performance ?

 How many managers in your organization are not clear on which of their behaviors enhance the productivity of direct reports and which serve to undermine performance ? What is the cost of not knowing ?

If you want to:

  • Improve staff management, development and productivity

  • Hire Winners and "Right Fit" Employees

  • Dramatically Reduce recruitment time 

  • Enhance work team communications and harmony

  • Reduce staff turnover

  • Help your management training programs translate to performance enhancement

  • Enhance Performance Management Systems

Learn more about Excel Group's Online Performance Profiles. (Behavior, Interests, Attitudes and Values, Team Assessment,  360 feedback, Position/Job Analysis,) The Managing for Success (MFS) profile system is a productivity tool that many of the best managed companies use to gain additional
insights for understanding prospective or present employees and to understand better ways to develop great management training.

To assist individual and organizational development, many Fortune 500 companies,  not for profit and  public sector organizations rely on 360 feedback. Why 360 Feedback (PDF)

Excel Group Online Performance tools are ideal for use by Organizational  Development Professionals. HR Departments, Management Consultants, Coaches, Recruiters, and Managers. Let us train you or an associate to develop the expertise to use these validated online instruments to enhance bottom line performance in your organization.




Management Development Training Download PFD Samples of our Online Development Tools, below  

Contact us to learn more about how Excel Performance Profiles can help you.

Our Online Interactive Development - designed for individuals to understand some of their success factors with others through their unique behavioral style and help them create an action plan for their personal/ management development. 

  • Online interactive clients go here to enter your code and start your tutorial and blue print for success plan. You will receive your behavioral profile electronically along with your action plan that you design online.

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