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During Real Time Coaching™

You will learn:

redball.gif (682 bytes)  The four behavioral principles underlying Real Time Coaching™
redball.gif (682 bytes) The six key values that motivate all human performance.
redball.gif (682 bytes) The four core behavioral styles and how to effectively coach to another person’s preferred style of communication.
redball.gif (682 bytes) The five specific behaviors that build trust.

You will practice:

redball.gif (682 bytes)  How to use four basic questions to coach people to achieve in ways that serve the best interests of the organization, while also meeting their own unique needs.
redball.gif (682 bytes) How to use self evaluation as the cornerstone for continuous improvement.
redball.gif (682 bytes) How to recognize another’s behavioural style and adapt your communication style to improve interpersonal effectiveness.

Flexible Delivery Options

redball.gif (682 bytes) Real Time Coaching™ is adapted to fit your company’s schedule.

redball.gif (682 bytes)  Real Time Coaching™ is presented over two-three days or four-five half days. Follow-up meetings, as well as one on one executive coaching and management skill feedback are also available.

redball.gif (682 bytes)  Public workshops, when made available are posted on this site at

redball.gif (682 bytes)  "Training the trainer" for in-house delivery is   also an option for some organizations.

redball.gif (682 bytes)  5 Good Reasons to choose RealTime Coaching™

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