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Communicating for Team Success

        ( Webinar or live Half Day or 1 Day options  to enhance your team productivity)


Research indicates that 93% of our message is “how” we communicate and 7% is the content or the “what.”

The ability to interact effectively with people is the key that allows one to excel in both professional and personal life. It is also critical to business management and team development. People are unique and must be managed, motivated, communicated with and supported in a way that capitalizes on their strengths. Further, communication effectiveness enhances openness, trust, and greater idea stimulation for results & organizational development.

"Ultimately, you succeed with others if you can communicate effectively. You will learn about your own behavioral design, as well as learn how to enhance your effectiveness in both your personal and professional  relationships
- L. Goodfield, Facilitation Partner 

Communicating for Success
...is an interactive 1-day Excel DISC based team intervention designed to enable participants/leaders to understand their unique behavioral design and communication style. Participants also learn how to understand the behavioural styles of others and how to adapt to be more effective in communicating with them to achieve organizational objectives. Ideal for team meetings, off sites, and conferences. For related management training program regarding Coaching your Team’s Styles see the RealTimeCoaching brochure at www.GrowingCoaches.com


Key Value Points

  Understand your unique business communication style 

Understand the communication preferences of your immediate work team for greater productivity.

  Enhance Team Effectiveness with Clearer focus in achieving objectives.

  Reduce staff turnover 

  Learn how to communicate for greater effectiveness with peers, direct reports and superiors.

  Reduce  time/performance waste resulting from miscommunication.

  Reduce mismanagement of direct reports

  Enhance work team open communications

Reduce conflict and stress


   Personalized, Excel DISC Management Behavioral Profiles (generated from online input by participants in advance, takes approx. 10 minutes)
Facilitated by one of our certified instructors.
Completion certificate

The Applications

Team Building

Management Development


Customer Service

Sales Training

Business Training

Interpersonal Communications


Change Management

What Others Are Saying…

Leaders/Associates from various organizations have benefited from this Excel  process:

Yellow Pages Group,, Aegon/Transamerica, Celestica, CAA, Cogeco, Bell Canada, United States Marine Corps, Bell Mobility, SCI, Sympatico, University of Alberta, and Enmax to name a few.


“Thank you for an excellent session with  my operations team. In order to succeed we needed to understand and communicate effectively. This really helped”    Senior Vice-President, Bell OPS

“Understanding how/why others communicate the way they do. . . I can get better communication results.” 

“Excellent way of determining what and where a person needs to rethink their ways of communication, to say things in a manner that will help get the job done more effectively.”
- Husky Energy, Rainbow Lake Plant Operators






for Success

In the Press

Top 10 Tips for Managers to Coach Effectively


"Thanks again for the great team intervention at our off site last month. It has had a tremendous impact in gaining traction as a project group." 
- Bell

Business Management Training


Each participant will receive a personalized behavioral profile generated by our online survey system, to help them understand where they can improve in management training. Sample below.
Business Management Training



For in-house customized programs, participants also receive a team wheel for their group - see sample below

Business Management Training




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