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 NEW --Behavioral Selling Strategies

The Challenge:

The world has changed, your customers have changed, and the competition has changed. Has your sales team developed skills for selling in today’s business environment ?? Since many sales reps are inadequately trained, most are repeating poor sales habits and are performing far below their potential. This has significant implications for the revenues of your company.

The Solution:

redball.gif (682 bytes) EXCEL GROUP can assist you in assessing your sales team’s skill development requirements. We spend time with managers, reps and customers to ensure that development is customer focused.


redball.gif (682 bytes) EXCEL GROUP can assist you in selecting learning modules to provide performance solutions that meet your development, budgetary and delivery needs for optimum sales improvement.


redball.gif (682 bytes) Modular Delivery allows us to design development solutions that range from a half day workshop to a full annual development process tailored to your needs. Like getting in shape physically, sustainable improvement requires regular development, coaching and follow-up. We can design an annual development strategy that can include a combination of half/ full day workshops, sales meetings, individualized sales rep follow-up, skill development homework, and teleconferencing for national teams.

Sales Learning Modules


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